NFT Versailles Heroes in the gameplay In the cryptocurrency and NFT space, the play-to-earn ( P2E ) genre is a fast-growing exciting area blending gaming and decentralized finance ( DeFi for short) in an emerging development known as GameFi . These games let players earn cryptocurrency rewards and/or NFTs for completing gameplay achievements, and one of the latest upcoming game releases, Versailles Heroes allows you to challenge opponents in action-packed real-time MOBA battles using playable NFT heroes and their unique weapons to earn real rewards during gameplay. Versailles Heroes is using an innovative dual-ERC-20 token model Versailles Heroes is powered by Ethereum Chain and utilizes an innovative dual-ERC-20 token model cleverly integrated into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO ) framework wherein players can start or join their own in-game guilds which mint and distribute members the DAO governance token, VRH. In order to participate in DAO governance,